Established in 1896, Neighborhood House was the first settlement house in Kentucky. Over 125 years later, they are now a community center that serves children and families living in the Portland neighborhood and in surrounding low-income neighborhoods. 
Neighborhood House is particularly unique in that they provide educationally-focused programs for all generations. Every day, they are "meeting Life Needs, teaching Life Skills, and inspiring Life Dreams". 
In anticipation of the 125th Anniversary in 2021, Neighborhood House reached out to discuss activating the birthday celebration. Through our discussions, we identified that instead of only highlighting the milestone, we’d use the opportunity to redefine Neighborhood House as a civic center in the 21st century. How could we capture the energy in the building, the commitment of the team, and the community synergy that they have generated? Could we channel it into a new brand and identity that feels modern, energetic, and yet does not deviate from their personality? And more importantly, we had to answer their request to “stop being known as the ‘best-kept secret’ in Louisville.” 
NH logo progression.
From Top to Bottom: 1907, 1970's, 2000's, 2010's
"Working with an organization that has been around for over 100 years was one of the exciting (and challenging) aspect of this project. NH was ready to completely update their look and feel, but we simultaneously needed to honor the essence and work of the brand as it's existed for more than a century. This created a strategic balancing act between fine-tuning what they've been, and leveling that with how they will be seen going forward."
Ben Kemble, Associate Creative Director
Neighborhood House’s team selected 2 brand logos that we developed and invited their team, staff, board, and participants to weigh in on the final selection. The final mark was chosen for its ability to symbolize the ‘radiating energy’ that Neighborhood House generates in the building and the community. The final mark was launched by Neighborhood House in early November 2021, with announcements to the community, and by activating the new brand mark and colors throughout the building.
“My driving factor was thinking about how this rebrand could help uplift a really great organization in the community and ensure they stood out from the rest. That led us to create a unique mark that represented variety, diversity, consistency, friendliness, and depth. I thoroughly enjoyed working with my team at KERTIS to find the best approach for this project and working with the people at Neighborhood House who invited us to learn from them and offered us great constructive feedback."
Carolina Caicedo, Graphic Designer